There are so many areas of design to explore, it's hard to pick just one. So I'm always exploring, trying new techniques and even learning new software. Beyond the design basics, I've dabbled in simple animations, video editing, headshots, photo re-touching and even splicing audio. So many adventures . . . so little time to explore them all.
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance, help brainstorming or even a nudge out of our comfort zone. In addition to guiding the designer, I’m a big believer in client education — the better they understand the “why”, the smoother the project.
Identifying team members’ strengths goes a long way in keeping any hive buzzing. But most of us are capable of way more than we realize, so nurturing exploration and growth keeps the team flourishing and ready to tackle new challenges when they arise.
There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to navigate something that should be simple; that’s why I’m always advocating for the end user. The litmus test? . . . Could someone technologically challenged figure this out? — To find out, just give it to a parent and/or grandparent.
The work examples and information found on this site will provide some highlights of my skills and previous experience, but can’t begin to cover what I have to offer. So drop me a quick message to schedule some time for us to get to know each other and explore what we can create together.
For a pdf of my resume, please click here.
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